Invention and ingenuity in Prehistoric Times – LKS2

Years 3 and 4 continued to practise their History skills this week by studying invention and ingenuity in the Iron Age.

We examined various inventions, such as the ard (an Iron Age plough), the use of wool for cloth, a rotary quern for milling flour, pottery wheels and a bit for horses. We discussed the need that led to the ingenuity required to create a new invention.

We considered continuity and change throughout this period and the development of technology throughout Prehistory before choosing what we felt was the most influential invention, evaluating it, comparing it to previous technology and putting together a short statement for debate to argue our case.

The highlight of our afternoon, however, had to be our Stone Age visitor, Ug, who was amazed and delighted by our modern-day technology of a blender and a mechanised pottery wheel, who made a lovely pinch pot and who hoped to avoid being killed in battle or eaten by a wild animal before the invention of the rotary quern…

Ug sees a glazed pot made on a mechanised pottery wheel for the first time
Ug’s pinch pot. Well done, Ug.
A debate-winning argument

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