Nursery snapshot and ideas for your Learning Journey this weekend

By now you all have the large blue books at home. Use these (up to two pages a week) to record ideas, drawings and collect things from your/their travels!

This week can you encourage your child to draw a family picture and a picture of something they like to do in class. Look at these videos and pictures to help you talk about things at school!

The children can come and talk to us at any time to discuss what they have done in their book, but the book remains at home. If you can have definitely done something by Wednesday this gives us time to talk with everyone, have fun!

If you have a reluctant artist (!) Show them how to draw a simple stick figure this week 😊

We have done drawings
We have described what we built
We have taught our friends

We opened a Post Office which became a pizza parlour then an ‘iPad shop’!
We worked together
We made tunnels and roads for car races

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