Lower KS2 – Final Week


Oh my! It’s the last week of this academic year! Can you believe it? What a strange year it has been. You have learned so much at school and at home, and proven just how resilient, kind and creative you truly are. A HUGE “Thank you” goes to you and your incredible families for all the hard work they have put in over the past few months. All the staff at St Margaret’s feel privileged to work with such supportive families!

This week will be a little different to normal as some of you will have given your iPads back to school. Here are some things that will be a little different this week:

  • Today, your teacher will be sending your End of Year report to your adult(s)
  • There won’t be any live lessons
  • All of your work is on this blog post, there won’t be one every day
  • The final assembly of the year will be on Zoom with Mr Wilson on Friday
  • Feel free to send work on SeeSaw still if you would like, but we understand that some of you might not have an iPad to be able to upload your work

Here is a timetable of activities for you to complete this week….

last week timetable


There won’t be any more live Maths lessons this week. Therefore, our learning will be much more independent, and you should be able to complete it without a tablet/device.

Monday & Tuesday – Powermaths

Year 3 – Monday 

y3 eou

Have a go at these questions, and then complete the end of unit check on page 119 of your Powermaths book.

Year 3 – Tuesday 

Find a partner and have a go at the Powerplay game on page 120 of your Powermaths book. If you cannot find a partner, you can just play solo to see if you can get across the board.

Year 4 – Monday 

Complete the lesson called ‘Describing a movement on a grid’ on pages 141 – 143 of your Powermaths book.

Year 4 – Tuesday 

Complete the end of unit check, and the Powerplay on pages 144 – 146 of your Powermaths book.

Wednesday – Maths Review (Y3 and 4)

Last week, you completed the first 2 pages of your Maths review. Today, you will finish this Maths review.

Thursday – Investigation (Y3 and 4)

school fair necklaces

You could use counters or beads if you have them at home, or rip up bits of paper to colour in. You might also be able to use a code (y-yellow, r-red) to solve this problem on paper (e.g. the pattern in the picture is – r y y r r y y r )

Fancy a challenge? 

What if there were 9 beads – 5 yellow and 4 red?

What if there were 10 beads – 5 of each colour?

Can you think of your own investigation to explore?


‘How to survive Year 3 / 4’ guide

If you could have read a manual at the beginning of the year, with advice about how to survive such a strange and unique school year, what would it say?

Imagine you could send some advice to yourself at the beginning of this school year.

Monday – Part 1 – The year before lockdown

Think back to the school year before we had to leave for lockdown. What were the best moments? Did you enjoy any particular topics, or lessons? Can you remember any trips that you enjoyed? Do you have any advice for yourself to help you through any difficult lessons or situations?

e.g. At first, you’ll feel a little lost and confused as everything in this new class is so much harder than last year, but if you stay focused and work hard, you’ll soon find it easier and easier. My main advice for Maths… learn your times tables, then you will find the tricky parts of Maths much quicker and easier. By far the best part of the year will be the awesome trips! On your visit to the Science Museum, make sure you get a turn on all of the exhibits because they are so much fun! At times, you might have disagreements with your friends in the playground, but it’s always better to calm down and say sorry because school is a much lonely place without your friends around you. 

Tuesday – Part 2 – The year during lockdown

How have you stayed safe and sane during lockdown? What lessons have you learned about yourself? How have you overcome the challenges you have faced? What tips do you have about staying motivated to do your remote learning? Are there any things you have done which you would advise other people not to do?

e.g. In the first few weeks of lockdown, you will discover the most amazing apps – House-party and Zoom- but within a month you will have been on them so much you’ll get bored and tired as the novelty wears off. It is important, however, to keep in touch with your friends. Send them the occasional message, or call them for a chat. We would normally see each other every day in school, so make the effort to call at least once a week. 

Wednesday and Thursday – Book Recommendations 

Create a poster for the new year 3 or 4 class to recommend some books for them to read this year. What have you enjoyed reading, and why?

Things to include:

  • A brief overview of the story – NO SPOILERS!
  • Why you enjoyed it so much
  • What kind of people will enjoy this book? Is it similar to any others? e.g. ‘You’ll enjoy this book if ….’
  • A picture of the cover. If you can’t print one off, you could hand draw a version yourself.

book recommedations

Story time

Here are the last few chapters of our book, The Boy Who Grew Dragons. You might want to watch them all today, or spread them out over the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed this book as much as I have 😊

👇Chapter 27 is in two sections below – it was so long it wouldn’t fit in one video 🙂

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