Y1: Fri 10.7

It’s Friday! Well done for all your hard work this week.

9.30am Live maths

Today we will be looking at money and finding out about paper money. Perhaps an adult in your house has a few notes in their wallet. Ask politely to have a look at them. Paper money is worth more than coins, and it is against the law to scribble on them or rip them – so be careful!

Here are the pages you will need to read through today if you can’t join us on zoom. After that please do pages 126, 127 and 128 in your powermaths book.

10.30am Assembly

11am Live Phonics

We are continuing with the /or/ sound today. Can you remember the six different ways to spell it? After the lesson, please write out six brilliant sentences – one for each spelling. Check your work for capital letters and full stops and then upload it to Seesaw for me.

This help sheet could be helpful.

Writing activity

Today we’re going to continue using wonderful adjectives (describing words) to describe each of the four seasons. Can you remember what the four seasons are called?

200 years ago a man named Antonio Vivaldi wrote four pieces of music, each one inspired by a season. They are quite long, but have a listen to a few minutes of each. Which one is your favourite?

My favourite is “spring”
This is “summer”
This one is “autumn”
Finally, “winter”. This one makes me feel cold!

The music and the pictures will hopefully have inspired you to write some lovely descriptive sentences today. Choose your favourite season and have a go on the template below (or straight onto a piece of paper if that’s easier). I look forward to reading you descriptions.

Well done everyone! Have a super weekend.

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