UKS2 – 10.7.20

Good morning Years 5 and 6!



Time to recap nouns.

Nouns are types of words that are used to identify people, places or things.

Read about the different types of nouns below:


Now, make sure you have completed IXL > Year 5 > English > B.1-B.4 as well as B.9. 


Have a look at this photograph:



Question time!

How do you think the gorilla and the man are feeling?

What is in front of them?

Where are they?

What was the mighty beast’s reaction?


Perfect picture!

What do you think they are looking at?

Is it something happy or something sad?

Draw what they might be able to see.


I would like you to create a piece of writing based on this photograph. You could write a newspaper article, a non-fiction report on gorillas or a short story.


If you would like to write a story, have a look at the story starter below to help you get started 🙂

Story starter!

Their connection needed no words. The silence spoke for them as they observed the scene, joined in understanding by the emotions, which wrapped around them like a shared blanket. Reassured by the presence of the other, each processed their own feelings about what they saw. Having worked on the reserve for many years, Sam had come to know the animals; to appreciate their kindness and their compassion and to recognise that they too had feelings worthy of respect.

That day was like no other. Sam could never have predicted the reaction of the mighty beast…


Quote of the day:


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