Lower KS2 – Friday 10th July

Good Morning Lower Key Stage 2 🙂

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Year 3 @ 11.15am 

Year 4 @ 11.45am

👇These are the pages we will be using for our LIVE lesson today. If you are unable to join the lesson, please work through these pages as normal.


zina the zookeeper

Here are the top trumps cards for the lesson:


Here are the questions to complete in your books:

zina the zookeeper1

zina the zookeeper2





dino egg


non-fiction habitat report

You have already written such wonderful, fact-filled paragraphs for your Habitat report. Today, you are going to write your final paragraph, before editing your report. If you have any facts that you haven’t yet included, then you could add in some ‘Did you know?’ or fun fact boxes.

What dangers does this habitat face?

In this paragraph, you are going to tell your reader about the human and natural things that effect your chosen habitat. Look at the plan to see what you might include 👆. Here is my example.

Unfortunately, in the past few decades polar habitats have been negatively affected by many human actions. Most importantly, as humans have burnt more fossil fuels temperatures across Earth have increased, especially around the poles. This global warming had resulted in ice caps in polar habitats melting, and sea levels rising. With less ice, some of the animals (like polar bears) have to travel greater distances to find food, and can become exhausted on their longer journeys between patches of sea ice. Over-fishing by humans in waters around the polar habitats can also have an impact on polar animals as their food sources become more sparse and harder to find. Luckily, many young people have now woken up to these problems and many of them are working hard to fight for meaningful change to protect these important habitats. 

When you have finished all of your paragraphs, and have edited your work, please share it with us on SeeSaw. I can’t wait to learn more about your habitat.


Today is the last day with these spellings. Can you ask someone in your house to test you and get 10/10?

Year 3

y3 challenge words

Year 4

s spelled c

Afternoon Project

There’s another new project starting today – build a board game. I can’t wait to see your creations at the end of the week.

Story Time

I’m feeling generous (and we’re running out of time) so I’ve uploaded 3 chapters today! That’s enough to get you through the weekend 🙂

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