Year 2 – 9.7.2020

Good Morning to you all, it’s Thursday and only seven more days before the summer holidays! You all deserve a good rest. We really appreciate your hard work, adults and children.

End of year chores – please ensure Ipads, Power Maths books, reading books and any other resources that belong to the school are handed in by tomorrow. Check drawers, cupboards and under the bed!

Power Maths Live 9:45am Please have the discover and share pages ready.

Literacy: changing tense -present tense

  • Read each sentence carefully
  • Change verb to present tense
  • Write out the sentences that you have changed and underline the  present tense

Handwriting Practice:  write each word 3 times

She, he, the, today, of, are, one, once ,win ,won

Story Time

Bob and the house Elves. Click the link below.

Afternoon Activities 

  • Have you started designing/making your board game?
  • Read everyday
  • Have you made salt dough?

Follow this recipe for Salt Dough

You will need:

  • 100g flour
  • 50g salt
  • Spoonful of oil and water


  1. Measure the mass of the flour and salt carefully
  2. Mix with a spoonful of oil
  3. Add water gradually and mix

Power Maths – Lesson 4

Practice book 2c page 96

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