Y1: Thurs 9.7

Good morning Year 1! Make someone giggle this morning, tell them a joke. Maybe you could record a joke and upload it to Seesaw and see if you can make Mrs Prentis, Mrs Giquel and me laugh!

9.30am Live maths

We’re starting a new unit on money today. Ask an adult if you can look at some coins. Do you know how much each one is worth?

Here are the pages to look through for today’s maths lesson, if you are unable to join us. After that, please complete pages 123, 124 and 125.

If you have time have a go at IXL V1 and V2.

11am Live phonics

Today we will be revising the /or/ sound. There are six different ways to spell /or/. Join us for some revision and then have a go at this activity:

Writing activity

We are going to use our adjectives to write fantastic poems today. Take a look at this poem, what do you notice?

This poem is called an acrostic poem, where each line begins with the next letter in the word “summer”. However I don’t think this poem is that good. Can you make it better? Add some adjectives and extra information in the gaps below to improve it.

Now have a go at writing your own acrostic poem about summer (or a different season if you prefer). Check your spelling when you are finished, add some pictures and upload it to Seesaw so I can read it. Have fun!

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