UKS2 – 9.7.20

Good morning Years 5 and 6!




Capital letters are used at the start of sentences as well as for proper nouns. 

Have a go at IXL > Year 5 






Today’s reading extract is from a book called ‘I Am Not a Label’ by Cerrie Burnell. This book is a collection of biographies about disabled creators, thinkers, activists and athletes.

i am not a label

Read about the artist Henri Matisse:

henri matisse 3henri matisse 1henri matisse 2


henri mat questions

Take a look at an example of Matisse’s work:

matisse art

If you would like to, have a go at creating your own Matisse-inspired collage.

You will need:

  • Some off-cuts of coloured paper. You could also use old newspaper or magazines, foil or paper you have decorated yourself.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Some glue.

Have a look at this art some children created:

henri collage

If you would like to, upload your creations to Seesaw for me to see!


Quote of the day:


henri matisse quote

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