Year 2 – 7.7.2020

Happy Tuesday, have a great day. Start the day Mr.Tobi’s way…

Thank you for joining me during Live Maths, it makes all the difference when we are sharing and learning together. See you at 9:45am.


Task: verbs, past, present, future

  • Read the instructions on the sheet carefully
  • Identify verb in each sentence past, present or future
  • Complete the 3 sentences in your book
  • Place the verbs in the correct box

Handwriting Practice:  Write each word 3 times

mass, measure, volume, temperature, scales

Story time – My NO,NO, NO Day

(I wonder, do you ever have a NO, NO, NO day?)

Power Maths Lesson 3

Practice book 2c page 93

Afternoon Activities

  • Designing a board game
  • Read your book
  • Have you made playdough yet?

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