UKS2 – 7.7.20

Good morning Years 5 and 6!


happy tues



This week, you are going to create a poster based on the life cycle of a frog.


First, read this life cycle poster and answer the questions in your exercise books.

life cycle reading

frog questions


Make some notes on the life cycle of a frog. Use bullet points and remember not to copy directly from the text I have given you.

If you are at home, you could do your own research using Kiddle. Search for ‘life cycle of a frog.’

If you are at school, visit this website with your teacher. Work as a team to pick out the key information and make notes on this. There is also a video to watch on the website.

Think about how you might like to present your information.

Here are some ideas:

Remember, your writing being clear and easy to understand is important!

As this is a non-fiction report, you should think about using certain features such as :

  • headings/subheadings
  • bullet points
  • annotated pictures
  • arrows/numbers
  • captions
  • glossary

Roughly sketch out your ideas in your books ready for tomorrow. Think about which facts to put where.

Tomorrow, we will start to present the information on a poster.


Quote of the day:


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    1. Yes that sounds great – we will be writing it up tomorrow so as long as you have PowerPoint at home that’s fine 🙂

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