Lower KS2 – Tuesday 7th July

Good Morning Lower Key Stage 2 🙂

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Year 3 @ 11.15am 

Year 4 @ 11.45am

👇These are the pages we will be using for our LIVE lesson today. If you are unable to join the lesson, please work through these pages as normal.







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The legendary Sir David Attenborough has hosted a Geography lesson on BBC Bitesize!

This week, our writing is going to be inspired by his amazing lesson, and by the end of the week you will have become an expert in a habitat type on planet Earth.

Tuesday – David Attenborough’s lesson and research day 

Wednesday – Introduction 

Thursday – ‘What lives there?’ paragraphs 

Friday – ‘Dangers’ paragraph and edit 

Today, watch and listen to all of the information in David Attenborough’s lesson, making notes about interesting things that you learn.

Then, choose a habitat type that David talks about, that you would like to focus on for this week’s writing task. Make notes using the video, and do some research to find out as much as you can about this habitat type.

Option A – The Ocean – You could write about the vast differences in life and conditions in this vast marine habitat. You could even mention the odd creatures that exist in the deep ocean. 

Option B – The Rainforest – You could describe the hot, wet, ever changing conditions in a rainforest, as well as the plants and animals you could find there. 

Option C – The Desert – Write about the vast, empty expanses of sand, and how it moves in the wind, as well as any of the hardy survivors that can stand such an extreme environment. 

Option D – Polar – You might choose to write about the cold, dry, icy polar habitats, where plants and animals have to be adapted to live in such harsh conditions. 

By the end of the week, you will have a report that looks something like this…

non-fiction habitat report

Today, make sure you do enough research to be able to write interesting things in each of these paragraphs. Here are some great places to look for more information:

If you need to search the web, don’t forget to use Kiddle 


These lists have been assigned to you on Spelling Shed for you to practise.

Year 3

Your spellings this week don’t have a linked ‘spelling pattern’ – they are challenge words! Can you learn to spell these tricky words this week?

y3 challenge words

Year 4

What do you think the spelling rule is for this list of words? What do they all have in common?

s spelled c

Afternoon Project

There’s another new project starting today – build a board game. I can’t wait to see your creations at the end of the week.

Story Time

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