UKS2 – 30.6.20

Good morning Years 5 and 6!




Synonyms are words that have the same meaning.

Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning.

Head over to IXL and work on Year 5> English >N.4-N.6.



Yesterday, we thought about some of the objects and things that have been significant over the last few months. I loved hearing your ideas on Seesaw 🙂

Today, you are going to write a letter to yourself. That may sound very strange but this letter will be to your future self. What would you like yourself to remember in 10 years time? You will be 19, 20 or 21!

Brief plan – think about the answers to these questions before starting your letter

Paragraph 1 – What is life like now? What do you miss? Is there anything you prefer?

Paragraph 2 – What do you hope you are like?

Paragraph 3 – What do you hope the world is like?


Here is an example of the first paragraph:

Dear future me,

Life is pretty strange right now. I have been learning at home (mainly) since March. When the government made the announcement, I actually felt quite excited that school was shutting! However, after about a week or two I realised how much I missed school. The main thing I missed was seeing my friends every day and for a few weeks we couldn’t go outside very much at all. I miss getting home in the afternoon and being able to relax as at the moment I do so much of my work at home. My favourite thing about lock down has been spending more time with my family and especially doing lots of baking together. 


Have a go at paragraph one first then complete your letter with paragraphs two and three.


Quote of the day:


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