Year 2 – 29.06.20

Good Morning,

Have you had breakfast? Are you ready to start the day the St Margaret’s way?

Our wonderful Mr Tobi is expecting you…!

Live maths at 9:45am.  Remember the Discover and Share page from the blog, pencil and paper ready, Practice Book 2C.  If you can’t join us or there are WIFI problems, please go ahead and continue with Lesson 8    

Reading Comprehension

This week we will focus on reading comprehension.

Instructions for reading comprehension: The Red Squirrel

  • Read the text twice
  • Highlight/underline any words you do not understand
  • Highlight/ underline the important facts
  • Please complete all questions in your writing book
  • Answer each question with a complete sentence

Handwriting Practice

Please write these months of the year –  3 times for each month

January, February, March, April, May, June

Story Time

Can’t you sleep, Little Bear Story, one of my favourites

Things to do today

  • Check out the summer reading challenge
  • Check out the new afternoon project
  • Read your book
  • Thank your adults for all their help and Grandparents too!

3 x table number jacks

Power Maths Lesson 8

Practice book 2 Page 79

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