Year 5 – Friday

Good morning!


Another video challenge for the last day of term. Make sure you have a pencil and some paper ready 🙂



Have a look at this picture:

dead whale


Think about these questions:

deadwhale questions


Here is the start of a story:


The children disembarked the bus, and stood huddled together on the road. It was a cold, foggy day, and so the children, wrapped up in coats and scarves, shivered as they waited.

Their teacher beckoned them closer, and as one they edged cautiously towards the skeleton. What was supposed to be a boring school trip had just got a whole lot more exciting! Were they on the verge of making a terrific discovery?


Your task is to finish this off. If you would like to write your own story based on the idea of an unusual discovery, that’s fine too!


Afternoon session:


Reading your own book.



Follow this link to have a go at drawing an optical illusion using shading.


Annotation 2020-05-21 164145

Then… It’s half term! Congratulations on being so resilient to all the challenges that 2020 has thrown at you. You will look back at this time and be impressed by how well you coped!


Quote of the day:





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