Year 3 – Friday 22.5.20

half term

That’s right, people, we’ve done a WHOLE HALF TERM of home learning! I think you and your adults need a BIG round of applause and a good rest next week.

I am so proud of how everyone has coped with this new normal and it has been making such a difference to me to be able to see your work and hear your voices on Seesaw and to see so many of you on our Zoom calls.

Here’s today’s timetable:

22.5.20 timetable

This is our last lesson in our fractions unit so let’s make it a good one!

PM Discover U10L9 22.5.20

PM Share U10L9 22.5.20

PM Think Together U10L9 22.5.20

PM Challenge U10L9 22.5.20

PM tasks 22.5.20 p1

PM tasks 22.5.20 p2

PM tasks 22.5.20 p3


Please can EVERYONE log on to Epic Reading to make sure that you have read the books I’ve set you and done the quizzes. Then feel free to read whatever you like 🙂


If you’ve finished your poem by now, you can upload a photo of it on Seesaw to Mr Mac Poetry or even better,  a video of you reading it out. 


Here’s a link to last week’s lesson so you know what you’re doing. If you’ve finished everything on there, please move on to lesson 12 – Looking Ahead with Minecraft



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