Year 2 22.05.20

goodbye pooh

Today is the last day I will be your teacher. I am sad that I won’t be your teacher any more but I am not focussing on that. We should all be thinking about lucky we have been to have such a fun time this year and I am certainly thinking about how lucky I have been to have you as my class. This afternoon we will be having a zoom party at 1.30pm. I want as many of you to attend as possible so please make sure you ask your adults for the details. Let’s have some fun and celebrate!!!!

9.00-9.30- PE with Joe Wicks:

9.30-10.30- Weekly tests time!

1.) Please carry out your addition test. To pass a level you need to complete it three times in under two minutes with no mistakes. Your adult will decide when to move you up a level. New addition booklets can be found here:

2.) Please carry out your multiplication test. To pass a level you need to complete it three times in under three minutes with no mistakes. Your adult will decide when to move you up a level. New multiplication booklets can be found here:

3.) Please carry out your spelling test. To pass onto the next level you need to write the spellings correctly two weeks in a row. Your adult will decide when to move you up a level. The levels can be found in your pack. For children who have finished the levels- adults please choose six spellings from all the levels at random and see how they get on. Use this to form spelling practice for next week.

4.) If you finish this with time to spare, please go onto Teach Monster.

10.15-10.30- Making our friends smile

  • A video you can watch about keeping up with friends during this challenging time. 

10.30- 10.45- Break

10.45-11.45- Writing

1.) Today I’d like you to write a letter to Mrs Bushell.

2.) I would like you to include the following:

  • Dear Mrs Bushell
  • Your name and your age
  • Your favourite thing to do
  • Your favourite thing to eat
  • Your favourite subject at school
  • The best thing you have done since lockdown began
  • What you are looking forward to doing when lockdown ends
  • Wish her a good half term
  • From ________________________

3.) Please think about the following:

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Using .!?
  • Including exciting adjectives and verbs
  • Using different sentence openers
  • Extending yourself to use adverbs

4.) Once you have finished, please upload it to Seesaw and Mrs Bushell will be able to see it (so make sure it is your best writing as I’m sure you want to impress her with your amazing skills!)

11.45-12.00- Storytime with David Walliams

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

12.00-1.30- Lunchtime (during this time please read to your adult please do at least 15 minutes of IXL- all of M, Q and now N and O need to be completed over the next few weeks. )

1.30-2.30- Zoom Party!!!

party time

  • Please make sure you have your party hat ready and your dance moves practised.  

2.30-3.30Golden time!!!

-That’s right, you’ve earnt it again… it’s Golden Time!
-Have some fun playing, making, dressing up…anything you would like to do for your final hour of learning for the week.

Tree Hugging Photos of the Day

The final tree hugging photos from you lovely lot. Can you identify them? Thank you all for sharing!

Also… some more of my family/ friends and staff at St Margaret’s… enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Year 2 22.05.20

  1. Miss Turnball! We’re not even in your class anymore, but just wanted to say how much we’ll miss you when we (eventually) return to school! We consider the girls so lucky to have had you as their teacher for two whole years! You were so nurturing, calming and knew them so well! Best of luck with your new school. I’m sure you’ll soon settle and that community are blessed to have you there. With warmest wishes, Emily, Jim, Celia, Seren and Esther X

    1. To the lovely Yeatman family- thank you so much for your kind words. I loved teaching Seren and Esther and having Celia on my school council. I will miss St Margaret’s very much. Best wishes to you all. Take care, Miss T 🙂

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