Year 2 19.05.20

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Good morning Year 2! With the quotation today I wanted to remind you that it doesn’t matter where you are on the timestable or addition booklets or on the spellings levels (for example), you are all equally valuable. It is choosing to practise these, work hard and be kind to others that should be celebrated. So to all of you who are following the St Margaret’s Way- being kind, trying hard and having fun- I am celebrating you today!

PLEASE NOTE: *Zoom Story Time with Miss T at 11.45am today* The details have been sent to your parents. 

9.00-9.30 –PE with Joe Wicks.

9.30-10.30- Maths *FROM THE NEW POWER MATHS BOOK 2C*

1.) Have a go at these questions on scrap paper:

Maths 1

2.) Have a look at the explanation with an adult:

Maths 2

3.) Now try these questions (again out loud or on scrap paper):

Maths 3

4.) Now complete Power Maths pages 9 and 10. Extension = page 11  and see image below for extra questions. 

Maths 4

10.30-10.45- Break

10.45-11.45- WritingGrammar

1.) Today we are going to learn about adding -er and -est (these are called suffixes) to the end of words to change their meaning. Please watch this video up to 9.20 minutes:

2.) Have a go at this activity out loud practising the -er suffix:

lit 1

3.) Have a go at this activity out loud practising the -est suffix:

lit 2

4.)Have a go at retelling this story to an adult using the correct suffixes:

lit 3

5.)Now please write 5 to 8 sentences describing what is happening at Sports Day, using words with the -er and -est suffixes:

lit 4

6.) Please post your work to Seesaw when you have finished it. 

11.45-12.30-ZOOM Story Time with Miss T (please ask your parents to check for details)

12.30-1.30- Lunchtime (during this time please read to your adult and practise your spellings. Your could also listen to David Walliams’ daily story: 

1.30-2.30- Party Hat making for our party on Friday:

1.) Here is a standard template for making a cone hat:

party hat template

2.) Get creative- you could make a crown, a garland, a pirate hat- whatever floats your boat!

3.) Please have a look at some ideas below for inspiration:

party hat ideas

4.) Please upload your creations to Seesaw when you have finished so I can see what you have been up to! 

2.30-2.45- Phonics– Go on the Teach Monster app for 15 minutes.

2.45-3.00- Break

3.00-3.30 Dance Practice for Friday’s party:

Tree Hugging Picture of the Day

Albie copper beach

A wonderful Year 2 member with his brother hugging a splendid Copper Beach tree. Thank you for sharing!

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