Year 2 13.05.20

dance like no one is watching

Hello Year 2! I hope you are staying chirpy. One thing I do to cheer myself up sometimes is turn the music up loudly and have a dance. Sometimes we get embarrassed if we think people are watching so it’s best just to go for it! At the bottom of this post I have put up a dance for you to practise. Dance like nobody’s watching!

9.00-9.30 PE with Joe Wicks

9.30-10.30- Maths

1.) Have a go at these questions on scrap paper:

Maths 1

2.) Have a look at the explanation with an adult:

Maths 2

3.) Now try these questions (again out loud or on scrap paper):

Maths 3

4.) Now complete Power Maths pages 108 and 109 . Extension = page 110  and see image below for extra questions. 

Maths 4

10.30-10.45- Break

10.45-11.45- Diary Writing

1.) First of all, meet Azuki!

2.) Now have a look at Azuki on a camping trip:

3.) Now I’d like you to write your diary entry as if you were Azuki. 

4.) The focus will be on your time sentence openers. Here is a list that could help you:

time sentence openers

5.) Don’t forget to check for:

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Amazing adjectives
  • Exciting verbs
  • A range of punctuation- ?!.
  • Sophisticated adverbs
  • Time sentence openers

6.) No need to finish this today- you will have a chance to complete it tomorrow. 

11.45-12.00- Story time with David Walliams

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

12.00-1.30- Lunchtime (During this time please read to your adult and practise your multiplication and addition)

1.30-2.30- DT: Hedgehog Homes

  • Please head to Seesaw for this activity

2.30- 2.45- Phonics- Go on the Teach Monster app for 15 minutes.

2.45-3.00- Break

3.00-3.30- Dancing time!

Tree Hugging Photo of the Day


A smiley Year 2 member hugging an unidentified tree- any ideas? Thanks for sharing!

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