Preschool 12/5 Bonjour!

So you’ve built a den and now it’s time to pretend that den is in another country. The Go Jetters head to Paris today and I know a lot of you can speak French already. Watch this episode and then decide which country you’d like to explore.

Go Jetters, Series 1: 1. The Eiffel Tower, France: via @bbciplayer

How will you get to the country you choose?
Can you build a train track that takes you there?
Check out the Lingo Show if you want to learn words in another language.
If you’re feeling really brave you could start a course!
Can you use Google Earth to take a look at the country you are investigating? Explore Street View to pretend to walk down the streets of another country.
This is the flag of my mother’s country. Can you find and draw the flag of a country connected to your family? You could fly it outside your den!

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