Preschool 21/4/20

Spuds U Like! Take a look at the Topics section on the CBeebies website today. If you click on the drop down menu section and select the Food topic there are great activities to explore, from money games where you can guess the price of food to clips about potato printing with Mr Bloom 🌱

Go to this page first
When you click on the Menu button this page opens up
Now explore the Food section!
Can you do some potato printing?

This is a great website to explore. I’m aware that some of you have already been doing some planting and growing over the last week or so. If you would like to explore other topics based on your child’s interests this is a good place to start. We will be linking planting and growing with cooking, food and money if this helps you get an overview of the term. Maybe get your child to help (!) you with an online shop so they can see how different foods have different prices. Can they recognise any numbers (focus on 1-10) and say their names?

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