Bee Happy🐝

I am an insect
A hive is my home
I eat some pollen
To make honeycomb. 

What am I?  

I’m a bee

When I see bees buzzing around the park, or visiting the flowers on my balcony I don’t feel scared of their sting. Instead, I feel so glad and grateful for all the important work they do. Did you know that without bees, we wouldn’t have apples, avocados, mangoes, carrots, and even CHOCOLATE? That’s because bees pollinate plants, which we eat for food.

I hive found some fun and interesting things that you can do at home that won’t cost a lot of honey and will keep you buzzy. All you have to do is bee creative!

Make a bee from recycled material.

Have a look at the contents of your recycling, could you use anything to make a bee, or a whole hive of bees? These examples use an old egg carton, and a toilet roll tube. You could even make a finger puppet from an old cardboard box.

bee crafts

Bubble wrap makes a great print of honeycomb if you want to make a whole bee hive community.

bubble wrap bee

Do the Waggle Dance

When a bee returns from a flower to the hive, it shakes its tush! Not to celebrate, but to let the other bees in the hive know where they found the flower. It’s a very clever way of communicating. Can you do the waggle dance?

Make a Bee Hotel

Bees work really hard at this time of year, and it’s important that they have a break every once in a while. You could make a bee hotel for your garden, balcony, or to hang outside your window as a rest place for these busy workers.

All you need are hollow tubes for the bees to burrow into – you could use sticks that your find on your daily walk through the park, wooden canes that you may have in your garden to keep the plants straight, or even just some rolled up thick paper.

Then just tie your bundle together, or use an old tin or plastic bottle (with the ends cut off) and hang it up somewhere high up and sunny where the bees might find it.

bee hotels

Raise awareness

Unfortunately, our lovely bees are in a spot of trouble at the moment. Their populations have been declining around the world because of the chemicals (pesticides) that farmers put on crops and that people use in their gardens. Can you think of any other changes in our world that may have affected bee populations?

There are loads of things that you can do to help bees at home though, like planting herbs and flowers, not using chemicals in your garden, keeping part of the grass long, or making a bee hotel!

If your want to help, or find out more, you could do some research and make a poster for you neighbourhood. Maybe you could give people some ideas of how they can help? Here is a link of ideas to get you started. (Remember, if you’re searching the internet, let an adult know, and use the word ‘kids’ in any searches to make sure the content is appropriate).

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