Year 4 – Wednesday 1st April

ụtụtụ ọma Year 4 🙂

 👆   That’s good morning in Igbo – one of the languages spoken in Nigeria!

timetable 1.4


Follow this link to a website called White Rose. CLICK ME

*if you’re struggling to find the right video on this link, then try using a different device (a phone or laptop) to watch the video instead*

Today, we are doing… you guessed it…  Week 1 – Lesson 3 – Tenths on a place value grid.

*if you have not done lesson 1 and 2 yet, please go back through the blog (Mon/Tue) and do those lessons first*

lesson 3 shot

Watch the video on the website, and have a go at the questions below 👇 when it tells you.

You can write the answers in your yellow book 📒 by numbering them e.g 1 a)      1 b)      2 a)  etc.

You can draw the place value grid in your book neatly for any questions you need to.

lesson 3 1lesson 3 2lesson 3 3lesson 3 4

When you have finished, the answers are on the website for you (or your adult) to mark your work.

If you finish your Maths work with time to spare, you can use any of the online resources (IXL/Squeebles/Timestable Rockstars).

Reading For Pleasure

Well done to Lucas who reached his 200 nights this week🐱‍👤 Great work!!!

If you have reached any milestones in your reading, let me know by commenting at the bottom of the blog post 👇 I’d love to hear from you.

Another Big Well Done to Daviel, Hnia, Hind, Kinga, Isla, Albion, Sophia and anybody else (sorry if I missed you) that has been using EPIC reading. If you’re looking for something different to read, log on – there are literally hundreds of books to read there.

epic reading


1.) Writing

Thank you to all of you who sent me pictures of your Meerkat/Vulture writing. They looked awesome, I am brimming with pride at all the hard work you’ve put into them. Thanks guys 🙂

It’s April Fools Day! A day when people play tricks on other people. Your writing task today is a really creative one…

Write an April Fools Day story.

Your story can be an about an April fools joke that goes wrong, a funny story, an April Fools in the style of a Greek Myth… whatever you like.

Spend 10 minutes planning your story on scrap paper, before writing it up neatly in your yellow book 📒

How could you impress me with your creative writing?

  • Be creative!!!
  • Use ambitious vocabulary – powerful verbs/adverbs/adjectives
  • Include Fronted Adverbials
  • Try to use brackets correctly
  • Think carefully about your spellings.
  • Read over your writing to check it all makes sense

2.) Spelling

spellings 30.3

Keep practicing those spellings on Spelling Shed – I’ll be challenging you to a group ‘Hive‘ game on Friday to see who an be champion speller!





9 thoughts on “Year 4 – Wednesday 1st April

  1. Hello Miss Higgitt

    I made a Korse. It has the head of Kevin (a character in a book by Rob Biddulph) and a horses body. He will have pink spots all over his face and a green body!

  2. Dear Miss Higgitt I made a brochure for hornbeam shoo which had my animals in and the brochure had a map with lots of animals. I made a pengaphant – a penguin crossed with an elephant , a lipotomas a hippo crossed with a lion , buttering a butterfly crosse with a flamingo, ladybit a lady bird crossed with a rabbit, a dolporse a dolphin crossed with a horse , a hedgehir a hedgehog crossed with a tapir ,a crocda a panda crossed with a crocodile and a lampion a lama crossed with a scorpion. Isla

  3. Makayla has drafted a story about someone being invited to a party. Unfortunately she later got to learn it was an April fools prank.

    Makayla’s story shows disappointment and humiliation.

    She has been using great thought and feelings in writing this piece of work.

  4. I reached 200 nights last week on Wednesday and I now reached 207 nights. I am sorry I didn’t tell you earlier but I didn’t know I had to let you know. Riley.

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