Reception 1.4.20

After talking to some of you on the phone, I have now decided to number the activities to make it easy to see and know what activities we would like you to try your best to complete each day, and what activities are optional. Please try to complete numbers 1-4, 5-7 are optional.

1) Maths: please complete day 2 of Whiterose maths be prepared – this includes baking! There are other ideas/activities in case you are short of ingredients!

2) Writing: please practise your curly caterpillar letters! You can do this by tracing over some of the sheets you were given, or using your book, or if you are lucky enough, a whiteboard. Below you will find some videos of me practising my curly caterpillar letters!

3) p.e: try the song below, show your adults how to do it! Remember jab with your right for the letter name and cross with your left for the sound, you should be jumping lightly from foot to foot too!

4) Storytime:

5) maths: if you’d like to, try this counting game.

6) literacy: if your like to try this missing letter game from Alphablocks.

7) reading: if you’d like to try some of the topic books from Epic Reading.

4 thoughts on “Reception 1.4.20

  1. Good morning Miss Sheppard,
    Thank you so much for the videos on letter formation. Very useful.

    I cannot make the Let’s get moving video by Jean Feldman work. The link provided by you doesn’t work for me and it is not on you tube.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi! The get moving song is just a photo, but if you type Jean Feldman abc kick box into YouTube it should come up. Her YouTube handle is “dr Jean” the video shows her doing the moves on a green background with the letters appearing behind her. Hope this helps!

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