Nursery 1/4

Here’s a short clip of our classroom and a nice snapshot of how all the children are engaged in different learning zones and independently on task. With that in mind and having spoken to many of you who are feeling the pressure of teaching children of differing age groups in the same space, here are some ideas to support you.

Firstly, you are all doing a fantastic job. Nursery age children are remarkably independent. If you put small activities in different parts of a home (like an art area on the floor and a construction area in their room, a maths activity on an iPad) then they will happily explore the home and go from one space to another and you can check in on them in breaks from educating older siblings. Make sure they understand to keep objects in their appropriate zones just like in class. In the video clip you can see an art and fine motor skills table, a construction table, a water play area, sand play, maths and literacy iPads, small world and large screen music. On the subject of music, Disney piano classics can be found on YouTube and they play calmly when that or classical music is on quietly in the background. 👍I hope you have enjoyed exploring the Epic reading app today, I will call to discuss book selections this week.

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  1. This is really helpful advice to parents Tamsin – these videos of the class are such a useful guide. Thanks for keeping up the communication by phone as well. So important.

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