Years 3 & 4 visit the Science Museum

Years 3 & 4 had a fantastic day out at the Science Museum on Tuesday, where we visited the Wonderlab on Level 3 to explore the zones focused around Matter, Sound, Electricity, Light, Space, Forces and Maths. All of the exhibits are hands-on so the children had the opportunity to (amongst other things) build circuits, construct a self-supporting bridge, race each other on pulley chairs, explore the effects of friction on a selection of slides and play with ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) and magnets. The adults had just as much fun as the children did and more than one child exclaimed that it was, “The best day ever!”

What’s better than 1 pupil? Hundreds of them!

After our time in Wonderlab, we saw The Wonder Show, which taught us about forces by way of one of our children trying to pull apart Magdeburg hemispheres and another bravely taking on the challenge of sitting on a chair of nails! The explainer made elephant toothpaste by adding a catalyst to a chemical reaction and made a giant glow stick right in front of us. Awesome stuff.

Thanks again to all the parent volunteers who help make these trips possible.

Teamwork makes the dream work!
Fun with the thermal imaging camera
Yes, that’s a chair of nails. 500 of them, to be precise.
These were far easier to pull apart before they had all of the air sucked out of the middle!