Viscosity of liquids in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have had a strong Science focus this week, as we continue our learning on the states of matter.

We have used our observational skills to draw conclusions about a mystery substance, based on our prior knowledge of the three states of matter (see Year 4’s blog post for details).

We have also investigated the viscosity of liquids and used iPads to measure accurately when timing how long it takes for a marble to drop through a variety of different liquids. We tested water, hand sanitiser, shampoo, vegetable oil and apple juice.

In order to ensure it was a fair test, the only thing we changed was the liquid. We also took more than one reading, just in case we were inaccurate the first time. We could then compare our first 2 results and, if they were wildly different, perform a third test to make sure we were being as accurate as possible.

Measuring using the stopwatch on the iPad
Recording our data using the appropriate unit of measurement
Presenting our findings in a table
Taking turns to measure and share data