Courageous Wildlife Advocates

This week, I received a letter from a group of pupils in Year 5:

Dear Mr Wilson.

The new nursery extension is not animal friendly and we thought it should maybe be a bit safer, such as having real grass and less concrete.

We feel as if hedgehogs and other nature reliant animals should get plants so their daily routine is not disrupted by this habitat.

You should think about planting trees and hedgehog houses. Also small holes in the fences. You should reuse the old logs from that broken climbing frame in the junior trim trail and make it into something for wildlife. But we do not mean for you to take away all the nurseries new work just make it more animal friendly.

We hope you are aware of our concern and will try to take action.

Yours faithfully

Isabelle, Isabella, Tizi , Beth, India and Kaila

It’s so encouraging to see yet another example of children from St Margaret’s Lee speaking up for something they want to see done better to help those are helpless. (In this case, animals in the local area!)

Here is the letter that they received in reply:

Dear Isabelle, Isabella, Tizi , Beth, India and Kaila,

Thank you for your letter raising my awareness of the potential impact on wildlife because of the nursery outdoor development. You have provided some good ideas for things I could do to make the outdoor space more animal friendly.

You will be pleased to know that we have plans to make the space behind year three and four more animal friendly. We have already planted seeds and bulbs on the slope, which will grow into a meadow. We also want to plant some hedgerows along the fence. I would really appreciate if you could help make this happen.

Firstly, find out more by visiting

Secondly, raise awareness of what the woodland trust are trying to do through posters and assembly.

Thirdly, let me know what the school needs to do to get free hedge row saplings.

Finally, help get them planted!

I look forward to you keeping this campaign alive and making a positive change!

Best wishes

Ian Wilson


By luck, Tasha had a sapling from the woodland trust that she donated to the school and we have planted it next to the nursery play area. Hopefully more to follow.