Chewing and pooing – the digestive process

Today, we made poo! Year 3 had a brilliant afternoon making a replica of the digestive system, getting hands-on to find out what an incredible job our bodies do and what a journey our food goes on, every time we eat.

We began by chewing food and mixing it with ‘saliva’ in our ‘mouths’ (cutting up crackers and bananas in a bowl whilst adding some water).

We then let the food be further digested and broken down in our ‘stomach’ with the help of ‘gastric acid’ (we poured the mixture into a sealable food bag, added orange juice and smooshed it around until it was mush).

We then sent it through our ‘small and large intestines’ (one leg of a pair of tights) in order to squeeze out all the nutrients and water before cutting a hole in the toe of the tights and squeezing out a poo.

Year 3 were fantastic at following the instructions, sharing out the jobs and getting stuck in – I am so proud of them all. 🙂