Gruesome Justice – Anglo-Saxon and Viking style

We spent this afternoon learning about Anglo-Saxon and Viking Laws and Justice. We found out that courts and trial by jury were used by the Anglo-Saxons, fines by both Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and that we are very glad that punishments have moved on from ordeals and being outlawed!

We calculated how much we’d have to pay a victim for harming them in an altercation, decided upon Anglo-Saxon punishments for various crimes and talked about why punishments were often brutal and carried out in public (to deter others from committing the same crime, in case you’re wondering). The children came up with some very mature and well-considered ideas for why punishments were ‘fair or foul’ and we finished with a very lively quiz to find out what we could remember.

Remember – no stealing 🐷 🐷 or 🐑 🐑 – think of the punishment! 🖐