Which drinks are bad for our teeth?

Year 3 are continuing to learn about teeth and how to keep them healthy. On Monday, we devised a fair test to investigate which drink was worst for your teeth out of the following: orange juice, cola, coffee, water and milk.

We used eggshells to represent teeth, put them in 100ml of each liquid and left them on the windowsill for 2 days…

On Wednesday we made observations and suggested which drink was the worst. Lots of us were surprised to find that the orange juice had the worst effect on the eggshells – the outside of the shell had gone soft and we could rub it away with our fingers!

Year 3 made some excellent detailed observations and asked some very interesting questions. We also discussed that orange juice can be good for you but that the important things to remember are to have harmful drinks at mealtimes and to brush your teeth for 2 minutes twice every day.