Years 3 and 4 meet a Viking!

Years 3 and 4 had a great day visiting the Museum of London on Friday, where we met a real Viking! We had a glorious walk along the brand new pedways (high-level walkways) from Moorgate tube station to the Museum, and got to see some of the original wall which was built hundreds of years ago to protect the City of London.

In the Museum, we met a real Viking in his house, shared our knowledge of the Vikings with him and found out that many of them, like our Viking, were peaceful settlers rather than fierce warriors.

Miss Higgitt and Mrs Peters had made a treasure trail of the gallery in the Museum so we also had a chance to guess what certain objects were before going to find them and finding out if we had guessed correctly.

Both classes were a credit to the school, we were so proud of you all. Thanks again to our adult volunteers – we really appreciate you making time to come with us and cannot run these trips without you.