Personal Trainers at your service

Year 3 have spent this term’s Science lessons learning about the human body – more specifically, diet, nutrition, exercise, skeletons, muscles and movement.

We have approached our learning as a project, by acting as Personal Trainers. Every group was allocated a client, each of whom had specific goals to achieve and we were tasked with analysing their diet and exercise routine in order to make recommendations and help them to achieve their goals.

We looked at their food diaries and calculated the amount of fruit and vegetables that they ate per week. We also looked at the amount of sugar that they were consuming, which shocked us all – some of them were having their weekly recommended allowance in a single day!

We researched the best types of exercise for our clients, made dietary suggestions and put together a file with all of our findings. We were then delighted to welcome Gill, a qualified Personal Trainer, to listen to our presentations and to give us some feedback about whether she would let us anywhere near her clients! Gill was very impressed and kind enough to stay for a quick Q&A session as well – thank you Gill.