Year 3 and The Show in which Hopefully Nothing Happens


Apologies folks, it appears that a technical gremlin has prevented this post from last week appearing on the blog.

Year 3 had a lovely morning at the Unicorn watching the absurdist comedy The Show in Which Hopefully Nothing Happens, devised by the Dutch theatre company Theater Artemis.

With a synopsis stating, ‘Welcome to the most boring show in history: an actor who never gets to perform and a security guard who just hopes nothing will occur’ we might have wondered why we were bothering to go, but soon realised that there can be so much more to theatre than just acting out a story.

Funny, frustrating and baffling (for both the audience and the actors) at times, we went from silent watchers to joining in with the craziness. One member of our class in particular got special thanks for helping with a very tricky problem involving a coffee pot!

If you haven’t yet visited the Unicorn, do go, they have loads of free, family-friendly activities and a trip to see a show can be cheaper than the cinema.