Please do not feed the animals…

Year 4 have been writing poetry this week, focusing on poems by Irene Rawnsley, Richard Brown and Robert Hull.

As a class, we have rewritten Robert Hull’s poem – Please do not feed the animals.

Its the summer holidays and we’re at the zoo.

‘Please do not feed the animals…’

Please do not feed the bats – kebabs

Never give a pig – a fig

Remember gorillas – are not allowed fritters

Do not feed an ape – tiny squidgy grape

Don’t feed the raccoons – macaroons

Don’t give the bears – pears

Please do not feed the seals – meals

Or the fleas – peas.

Please do not feed the zebras – peppers

Or the prawns – sweetcorns.

Do not give the donkey – celery.

Never give a lamb – ham

And don’t feed the cats – big macs.

Please don’t give the rattlesnakes – jaffacakes.

Don’t feed the unicorn – corn 

Don’t feed the cat – kitkat.

Or the snake – a cupcake

Please do not give the bee – any tea.

Or the orcas – porkers

Please don’t feed the babboons – from spoons.