Seed Dispersal – why and how?

As part of our Science work on Plants we have been looking at the role of flowers and seeds in the life cycle of a flowering plant.

We talked about germination and remembered what our cress seeds looked like. Then we talked about growth, flowering, pollination, seed formation and finally, seed dispersal.

There are many different ways in which seeds are dispersed and we used drama to explore them.

First of all, our ‘plant’ grew and produced seeds. Next, the seeds fell to the ground, directly below the plant. So far, so good, but when the seedlings started to grow, we saw a problem. Because they were so close to each other, they couldn’t grow properly. What’s the solution? To try and ensure that the seeds were dispersed further away from the parent plant.

Each group chose a method of dispersal, acted it out and asked the rest of us to guess the method. The bursting group were particularly well-received!