Crumbs! Cooking in Year 3

We rounded off last week with a bit of D&T in the form of cooking crumble. The filling was never in question – it had to be peach!

We used a recipe by Jack Monroe, famous for her website, cookingonabootstrap. Jack is a writer, journalist and activist who campaigns on poverty issues, particularly relating to hunger relief. She is known for delicious, nutritious recipes, all produced on a very small budget.

Before we got stuck in, the children did some superb collaborative calculating in order to work out how much our recipes would cost per dish, per portion and per class (I do love a bit of ‘stealth’ Maths!)

The children weighed, measured, mixed and and cooked brilliantly and left the classroom remarkably clean!

There was crumble taken home by most to share with families – whether it made it to the sharing stage I’m not sure, but I can assure you that it was delicious!