Registration for LifeSavers starts now!

If you would like to register your child to have a LifeSavers savings account and your child is in Reception class, Year 1, Year 5 or Year 6 you can do so by following the simple steps on their website pictured below.

1. Go to and select Log In in the top right corner

2. Click the Register button in the top right hand corner

3. Begin to fill out the applicant details. Firstly enter the school postcode as shown. There MUST be a space between SE13 and the 5SQ otherwise the school will not appear on the right. You can submit the entire form but if the school hasn’t appeared in the box on the right because of this the registration won’t go through the system. This section is for the details of the child saver.

After part one, part two is required for details of the adult trustee. Tick boxes to agree to have your ID verified. This takes a few days to process. The first savings club will be open on Monday the 18th of March at 8.30am in the Music Room and families will also have the opportunity to register an account at this with the help of Ms Steer.

Good luck savers!