Pre-school learn to sign!

In pre-school this week we have been learning to sign (British sign language). This is because we have read a book called What the Jackdaw Saw by Julia Donaldson.

Here is a great link that we have used to help us with some words and phrases we use in school!

Here are a few of the phrases and words we have learnt, good morning, good afternoon, please sit down, time for register, sorry, please, thank you and you’re welcome. Some of us even taught Mr Tobi how to say P.E and football!! (Of course we only started this week so it is hard for us to remember all of these!)

We have also been learning a song that we are singing and signing to! It is called sign2sing and we have been talking about what the song is teaching us… to be kind to everyone, we are all different on the outside but we are all the same on the inside, we all have feelings and we should always look out for one another!

We hope you enjoy learning BSL along with us!