Inter-school sports competitions

We have a number of competitions lined up against local school over the coming weeks for children in Year 3-6, starting with a series of football matches against John Ball, Brindishe Lee, Brindishe Manor, Trinity and St Matthew Academy. We aim to give as many children as possible the opportunity to compete and matches will take place on football club days after school or on Friday afternoons in school time. Matches will be open to boys and girls.

It may be helpful for you to know the process we follow:

  1. Ask the children who would like to compete (shown interest)
  2. Prioritise children who attend a club in the relevant sport (demonstrated commitment)
  3. Fully participate during PE and fitness sessions
  4. Do homework, including regular reading
  5. Good attendance
  6. Names ‘out of the hat’

We keep a register of children who have competed and aim to prioritise children who missed out through ‘names out of the hat’ for future events.