Y5 & 6 creative writing project

This week, year 5 and 6 were introduced to the creative writing project.

It was borne out of feedback from our children, who were asked how we could make writing more enjoyable. A consistent message was that providing more freedom about the content and style of independent writing was key to engaging and motivating them.

When do they write?

In lessons (once directed tasks are completed to a high standard)

In free time or at home

What do they write on?

We’re currently using lined paper but we encourage you to consider buying a scrapbook or notepad so the creative writing is kept together. (It would make a good stocking filler!)

What’s the purpose?

For some children, having the opportunity to be creative and share their creativity is purpose enough!

For some, an element of competition is motivating and we have set a deadline of 19th December for any writing that is entered in the competition.

How can parents and carers support?

Provide resources such as paper and pens as well as anything else that may aid your child in presenting writing in a creative way.

Read their work!

If your child will take it, offer some advice on how it could be improved.

Encourage them to persevere!