Year 3 visit Crofton Roman Villa

We’ve had such a busy start to the year, we’ve barely had time to tell you about it!

We had our first trip last week, to Crofton Roman Villa, in Orpington, where we looked at the remains of a Villa which had lain buried underground for hundreds of years. We made mosaics, did brass rubbings, dressed up as Romans, handled artefacts which were over 1000 years old and discovered what the Romans grew and ate – roasted dormouse, anyone?

We were relieved to find that you are no longer likely to find wolves and bears roaming the green spaces of Orpington but slightly envious of the hypocaust underfloor heating as we liked the idea of cosy toes on a stone floor. Jacob thought it was the best school trip ever and I was so proud of how engaged, excited and utterly brilliant every member of Year 3 was throughout the day.

Mrs Peters