WWI memorial

Celebration of the men commemorated

in the St Margaret’s Church WWI memorial

 In St Margaret’s Church we have a memorial to the young men who became soldiers and sailors between 1914 and 1918. They went to fight in World War I to help protect their families back home in London.

The memorial names young men who came from our area but sadly never returned. Many of them lived locally, some went to your school and many went with their parents to St Margaret’s Church. This November marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. We are hoping to have an exhibition in the Church to mark this anniversary and to bring to life the young men who bravely fought on our behalf.


Every memory helps us remember them as people. Can you help us?


The names on our memorial are:


Cedric Alfred Baker Cecil Thomas Hoys George Ernest Seymour
Edwin Bethell Thomas Charles Jones Cyril Harry Shepherd
Charles Hugh Birch Thomas Sydney Lees George F.W. Smith
Harry Brain Harold P Moore J.A. Gordon Smyth
Laurence S Brocklebank Edward Morfee William Henry Thorpe
Bryan Osmond Dewes Arthur John Parris Harold Stephen Tovey
Charles Graham Sidney Patch Edward Tumber
Keble Grounds Frederick G Patch John Warren
Douglas Hodding Walter Potter G. Noble Wilkinson
Colin Holt Hooper Percy Pritchett  
Charles Gordon Hooper Walter Tresham Russell  


We’d really like to collect information on any of those named, or any relatives you may have, who served in the war. Information, pictures, memories or letters etc. about anyone who was alive during that time will be much appreciated.

For more information contact:

Alex Griem – alex.griem@googlemail.com    Cilla Bartlett – cillabartlett@outlook.com