Active learning consultation – WEARING TRAINERS TO SCHOOL

Over the past few months, we have been trialling a variety of ways to get kids more active. Through a more active curriculum, we have already seen positive results in a variety of ways including:

  • Children more alert in lessons
  • Less food waste at lunchtime
  • Increased level of fitness

Although we do a lot as a school to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote active learning, there is always more we can do. One aspect that we would like to address is children’s footwear.

There are a variety of factors to consider when addressing the issue of footwear in schools.


Advice from podiatrists is that trainers, and in particular running shoes, provide the best support for children’s feet. Removal insoles and cushioned soles also contribute to healthy feet.


Most trainers provide comfort and are made from breathable material


Having school shoes and trainers and changing from one to the other can be inconvenient, contributes to lost property


School shoes cost money and are generally only worn for school. Wearing trainers to school would reduce costs for parents as they wouldn’t need to buy school shoes.

Gender equality

Following the research carried out by children in Year 5, the vast majority of children who wear ‘trainer-style shoes’ are boys (mainly due to the way shoes are marketed), meaning that the vast majority of girls are coming to school wearing shoes that discourage them from playing actively. When they do participate, their footwear puts them at a physical disadvantage.


Wearing trainers will obviously make children look less uniform, but we believe that the image that is conveyed is that we are a school that puts children’s well-being high on the agenda. From September, we will be tightening up on our PE kit policy to make that more uniform, including on Fitness Fridays (plain white top half, plain black bottom half). This will counter the proposed removal of school shoes from our uniform policy.


There is always a concern children may be teased if they aren’t wearing ‘branded trainers’ and this is something we will need to monitor. However, children already wear trainers a lot for PE etc. and this hasn’t yet been an issue.


When the weather gets colder, we will give parents the option to send their children to school with footwear that keeps their children’s feet warm. However, they will be expected to have trainers in school to change into each day.

Journey to and from school

Wearing trainers will improve the walk to and from school

We believe that trainers are the most appropriate footwear for children and we would like an extended trial period until the end of the summer term during which children wear trainers to school. 

 Your views are important. You can respond in various ways:

  1. Speak to Mr Wilson
  2. Email us on
  3. Click on the survey link! It’s one question only!