Baptising babies

Year 4 have been learning about special ceremonies that are performed in Christian churches – from baptisms to weddings to funerals. Have a look at some of the christenings that they staged…

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Year 5 & 6 Drawing

We have been exploring 2-point perspective. We have learnt how to draw cartoon sausage people with different emotions. We have also looked at Manga art; focussing on different ways to draw eyes.

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The Daily Mile

Yesterday I attended the Healthy Schools conference and had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from Elaine Wyllie, the former headteacher who started ‘the daily mile’ – a simple but highly effective way of getting children fitter. As you may know, we are piloting various approaches to getting children more active. We are now signed […]

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A Web of Friendship

In RE Year 1 have been thinking about the question “Is it always easy to be a good friend?” We have discovered times in the Bible when Jesus found it hard but still showed friendship to others. Today we made a web of friendship but thinking about what we value in our own friends.

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Yr. 4 – The Digestive System

We learnt the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and what the parts do. We used orange juice, as the acid in our stomachs, water as saliva; for food we used bananas and crackers. First, we chewed up our food and mixed it with saliva before swallowing. The food then travelled down the […]

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