Y2 RE: The Gift of Giving

Year 2 worked so hard and finished making their gift boxes today. It wasn’t easy to manipulate and stick the card but they showed determination and perseverance. We also discussed why the wise men travelled with precious gifts to give baby Jesus. All the children understand that the giving of gold, frankincense and myrrh symbolised […]

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KS2 French

C’est ma famille. We draw pictures of family members and introduced them to our partners. It was important to use the correct gendered words to match the relative. C’est ma mere. Elle s’appelle Chloe. C’est mon pere. Il s’appelle Bob.

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UKS2 History

Trade- what impact did the slave trade have on the Kingdom of Benin? We started out by looking at items in the kingdom of Benin, and thinking about whether they would be imports or exports. Then we learned about the deplorable history of the Transatlantic slave trade- including the part Britain and the rest of […]

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UKS2 History

Conflict- What was the cause and consequence of the British Invasion? We have learnt that the Kingdom of Benin dates from 900-1897CE but why such a specific abrupt end? Today we learned that following a trade mission to Benin, British soldiers clashed with Benin Warriors and some unfortunately died. This cause uproar back in Victorian […]

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Year 3 Art

Friday was our first time in year 3 that we have used clay to create sculptures! At the beginning of the lesson we let our imaginations go wild. We were able to create a wide variety of things before turning the clay into something even more special.. Once we had a go at learning about […]

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