Good morning,   I hope this email finds you well and you have had a restful easter break.   This is a reminder that our breakfast club, afterschool clubs and extended clubs (attached are the clubs we have on offer) are back running on the 19th of April. Spaces are filling up quick as usual, so please do book on […]


Hip Hop

Years 5 and 6 have just completed a six week project on hip hop and rap. As a musical genre which is now so prominent in the world around them they found it enlightening to explore it’s musical features, history and social context, as well as listening to and appraising some of the landmark recordings.

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Y2 Timelines

This afternoon in Year 2 we finished off our School Days topic by making a timeline of important dates in our school’s history. We were fascinated that the school closed due to a smallpox outbreak in 1870 and appalled that flushing toilets weren’t installed until 1902!

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Daffodil dissection UKS2

After learning all about sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, we became scientists looking for evidence of how daffodils reproduce. By carefully dissecting the flower, we found both male and female parts (including stigma, stamen, and even ovules!) showing that daffodils reproduce sexually.

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Art UKS2

Following from last weeks potato print folk art, this week our budding artists went solo- creating their own folk art landscapes using patterns in fine pens. Firstly they planned there design and sectioned out their landscape. Then they blocked each section with a colour and pattern, often linked to arable farming. We think you’ll agree […]

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Good morning all, this is just a quick email to say that we are now taking bookings for Summer term 1 clubs, please book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment as the clubs have proven to be successful this term. We now have our Dance club for year 1-4 back on. Also, a […]


Art – year 2

Today year 2 were so creative and artistic. After being inspired by the work of pop artist James Rizzi, they made their own amazing collages. They used their imaginations and interpretations of the city we live in to create expressive cityscape collages. Following James Rizzi’s style, they drew buildings alive with detail, cut them out […]

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Getting under our skin in LKS2

Years 3 & 4 have been going more than skin-deep in Science this week as we find out about skeletons and muscles. We learned that both of these essential parts of our bodies offer support, protection and movement. As one child said, without a skeleton, “We’d just be a skin bag of flesh on the […]

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