Year 6: Wednesday

Morning Year 6 🙂 What day is it? Wednesday? I’m loosing touch with the days now; they’re all blurring into one! I hope you’re still safe, healthy and happy. Thank you so much for all your efforts so far and for showing the values of kindness, resilience and creativity in the things you have done. […]

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Year 4 – Wednesday 1st April

ụtụtụ ọma Year 4 🙂  👆   That’s good morning in Igbo – one of the languages spoken in Nigeria! MATHS Follow this link to a website called White Rose. CLICK ME *if you’re struggling to find the right video on this link, then try using a different device (a phone or laptop) to watch the video […]

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Year 5 – 1.4.20

Pinch punch first of the month!     Maths – We will continue our learning using White Rose (the same website that we used yesterday). Click here Today we will be completing Week 2, Lesson 4. Watch the video on ‘Percentages as decimals and fractions.’ Pause the video when you need to.   English Reading – […]

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Nursery 1/4

Here’s a short clip of our classroom and a nice snapshot of how all the children are engaged in different learning zones and independently on task. With that in mind and having spoken to many of you who are feeling the pressure of teaching children of differing age groups in the same space, here are […]

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Year 2 01.04

Hello Year 2! Happy new month! We have made it to April already and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Can you take a picture of something in nature today or tomorrow when you go for a walk? Share this with a friend from your class via your adult. Share the excitement of Spring with […]

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Reception 1.4.20

After talking to some of you on the phone, I have now decided to number the activities to make it easy to see and know what activities we would like you to try your best to complete each day, and what activities are optional. Please try to complete numbers 1-4, 5-7 are optional. 1) Maths: […]

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Year 1: Wed 1.4

Good morning Year 1! Start today with Joe Wicks at 9am or perhaps some Cosmic Yoga.  A bit of exercise sets you up really well for a great day of learning and fun (and helping out at home too please!) English Please start with 15 mins of Teach your Monster to Read phonics practise. I’m […]

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Year 3 – 1.4.20

Let’s focus on Science today, and take the time to think about how much Science affects our everyday lives and how awesome that is. How am I able to type this? Because my brain is sending signals to my fingers to move to the correct keys and press them. The keys that I press are […]

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Bonjour, tout le monde! Everyone can still be enjoying their French learning at home, with these resources for singing, activities and games. BODY PARTS It’s our favourite with a link to the song. Heads, shoulders, knees and toes . The robot’s pointer isn’t that easy to see so just to remind you: l’oeil = eye, […]


Nursery News!

Nursery you are now registered to access the Epic reading app and a wealth of books are now at your fingertips to read and listen to. Parents, the code to join is shown in the next few pictures, so get the app, enter the code and access your child’s profile. Explore it today and we […]

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