Give as you live

If you are buying online, please consider doing it through the giveasyoulive  website. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost you anything. We have already received over £1000 through this website! If you buy things on your phone, download the giveasyoulive app and follow the instructions. It doesn’t take much effort and you are really […]

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Christmas card order

This year the children have designed their own Christmas Cards which parents can order and distribute to friends and family.  The personalised order forms are going home in school bags today and tomorrow.  On the back of the form you will see your child’s very own work of art that they worked hard on just […]

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Year 2 Carousel

What a fun carousel we have had this week! Science experiment on absorbency- which material should Mr Messy use to clear up his spillage? Phonics sentences on the “er”, Maths word problems on doubling and halving, Art 3D balloon making and geo boards pattern making!

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What Christmas means to me …

In RE this afternoon, Year 5 were asked ‘What does Christmas mean to you?’ The children created mind maps with everything that they associate with Christmas and we discussed how different people have different opinions and experiences of the same event. We then went on to talk about how everyone’s experiences are equally interesting and […]

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Crack the code

Y3 took on an investigation that introduces the concept of algebra, with coloured shapes representing numbers. Many of the class went on to set their own algebraic problems for their partner. What a class!

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