Domino fun in Reception

We have been putting our new maths skills to good use… we’ve been playing a new game! It’s called The Mexican Train Game. It’s so fun! We have a queue of children wanting to play it daily! The dominos go all the way up to number 12! We discuss the numbers on the dominos as […]

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After completing their prototypes, UKS2 have moved on to making their real toys. Using tools such as rulers, set squares and craft knives, Years 5 and 6 accurately measured, drew and cut out nets from cardboard, scoring gently along the folds in order to allow the creases to bend without breaking the cardboard.

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UKS2 Frog Blog

Over the past few months, Year 5 has been home to a tank of tadpoles and we have loved watching them go through metamorphosis. Now, most of them have developed into froglets and even some fully-fledged frogs who have absorbed their tails completely. Since frogs hunt for prey, they won’t be able to survive on […]

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UKS2 History

Did you know that I’m Ancient Greek time, women were not just seen as unequal, but different species entirely!?! This week we learned all about how men and women were treated in the Ancient Greek city states, and thought about how are lives would be different if we still had the same attitudes as the […]

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LKS2 Geography – Native Americans

LKS2 have been learning about the indigenous peoples of the USA and thinking about human geography considerations that decided where they settled prior to the arrival of the colonialists, and what the impact of these arrivals was. We used our knowledge of physical and political maps to infer why the various tribes settled in the […]

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DT in Reception

As I am sure you know we have really enjoyed planting… so we’ve tried to incorporate that into as many areas of our learning as possible! In the photos below we are cutting out flowers carefully ensuring we only cut along the “solid lines” leaving the dashed lines and tabs to help us create some […]

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This week Year 1 & 2 are starting to design their own moving picture page for the book Handa’s Surprise. They have decided on the type of movement that they want and the mechanism that they need to include for this. Next step is to make a prototype of the page.

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