Experimenting with sound – Y2 science

Year 2 were excellent scientists today, carrying out their own experiment to find out which materials are better at absorbing sound than others. They made predictions and quickly understood and demonstrated the importance of a fair test. They began conducting tests using the alarm on their ipads and seeing which materials would reduce the sound […]

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RE in LKS2

Year 3 and 4 have been thinking about why Christians go to church. With lots of discussion we were able to think of every reason a Christian may go to church, we also discussed if they had to go to church to do all of the things we thought of.

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Year 1 Art – Leaf Printing

In Year One this week, we went out into the playground to look for early signs of Autumn. We collected some fallen leaves and looked at the different colours we could see. Inspired by the trees in our playground, we recreated them using powder paint and leaf printing. Year One mixed their own paints using […]

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Y2: Explorers

In geography this week Year 2 used maps to explore our school grounds and find where some famous explorers were hiding. They then marked up their maps to show the location of each explorer and the route they took too find them. We then learnt the names of the seven continents, by means of a […]

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UKS2 Science – Heart dissection!

By examining a ‘pluck’ as a class, we identified where the heart sits in relation to the lungs and how the organs are connected via the pulmonary artery and vein. After this, the children were given a lamb’s heart per pair to dissect. We discussed the difference between the arteries and veins, identified the superior […]

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