Ducks out, Ants in!

Reception is operating a strict one species in, one species out policy at the moment. Just as our ducks were transported away to their lovely new home on a farm, we set up our own farm on a smaller scale…an Ant farm!

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Carroty Wood Day 2.2

High ropes this afternoon – Postman’s walk, Jabob’s ladder and the Leap of faith! Lot’s of high-adrenaline achievements! Fun in the swimming pool, movie night, chicken pie, potatoes and peas, sunshine this afternoon ☀️ See you all tomorrow!

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Carroty Wood Day 2.1

Fully rested after a full night’s sleep (🤔), we’ve had abseiling, den building, football and just finished lunch. Everyone having a great time and having a go at new things, even when they seem a bit scary!

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Carroty Wood Day 1

Arrival, lunch, running wild and free in the woods (clear boundary fences 😁), making beds (😂😂😂), pedal karting, archery, low ropes trail, chicken, potatoes and peas, chocolate cake and cream, indoor fun and games, hot chocolate, bedtime story, bedtime 💤

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Catch the train!

Reception children have to complete addition and subtraction problems in order to climb the stairs to get to the platform. The winner gets to push ALL the buttons! A big thank you to all Reception families for working on writing numerals at home this week. We were all very confident playing Bingo this morning!

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