Getting active!

As you know as a school we are very focused on getting active! Therefore in pre-school we participate in a 15 minute run with reception. In early years it is vital we are always ready for physical activity. For this reason we would like to remind parents and carers we must be dressed appropriately in […]

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Year 5: Blackout poetry

Inspired by the story of Ernest Shackleton, Year 5 have produced these striking ‘blackout poems.’ They read pages of a book called ‘Survivors’ and then selected key words and phrases to use in their poems. I was particularly impressed by how individual everyone’s work was!

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Year 5 : Trip to a Sikh Gurdwara

We had a great trip this morning to the Ramgarhia Temple in Woolwich. Although we have only been learning about his religion for a few weeks, Year 5 listened very carefully during the visit and asked some excellent questions. They were particularly interested in the holy book and loved learning about how it has its […]

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School dates synced to your phone!

Our new website allows you to subscribe to the school calendar. This means that dates are automatically synced to your phone, tablet or PC, including any changes or new additions. Never miss a date again! Here’s how you do it: Go to the school website: Click on Organiser (third tab along at the top) […]

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Recycled 3D art

This term, Year 1’s topic is ‘Under the Sea and Plastic Pollution’. In art today, we made 3D models of fish using plastic bottles and scraps of tissue paper. Everyone worked well as part of a team, to create the beautiful models.

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Year 2 Jewish Food Tasting

This afternoon Year 2 tasted some traditional Jewish foods as part of their RE learning. They thought about what they could represent and then learnt about their meanings. On the tasting menu was matzah, fig chutney, grape juice, pickles and karpas.

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Year 6: Art

We have created our own Montague and Capulet masks using tissue paper and sequins. We then, using our knowledge of Romeo & Juliet, thought of emotions/themes to depict through photography.

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Our own Nirvana

Year 4 have been learning all about Buddhism, and found out that Buddhists try to reach a special place called Nirvana. Nobody knows what or where Nirvana is… just that it is ultimate happiness. In groups, we created our own artistic representations of Nirvana, through dance, drama, craft and art… check them out

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