Aboriginal Art in Year 2

This term in Art we are learning about different types of printing. Today we drew patterns and used cotton buds to create colourful dot paintings. We were inspired by Aboriginal dot paintings and images of the Australian outback.

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New growth – planting

Today we have been planting some cucumber and tomato plants that one of our parents kindly gave us from their garden! We have also been sowing forget me not seeds! We have been looking at flowers and seeing if we can spot them in our garden, we spotted bluebells! We have been SO busy planting […]

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Blossom fun

Today we had SO much fun playing in the falling blossom from the trees by year 4! Some of us thought it was a bit like the confetti from a wedding! I hope you enjoy the photos!!

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Intruder in Year 4

Word on the street is that Gangsta Granny is out stealing jewels again. To protect our precious valuables we have designed burglar alarms to catch her in the act if she enters our homes.

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May fair helpers!

Calling all Sports Parents! We need YOU! For the School Fair, Saturday 18th May The Fair is on FA cup final day so our theme is Sports and Fitness.ย  We will be raising money for new sports equipment for the school. Can you spare half an hour to run the football skills stall at the […]

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Year 6: Classification

Year 6 have been using classification keys and creating their own questions to organise sweets into different groups according to different characteristics. We then took the learning outside the classroom and began to collect and sort living things using our own keys.

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Please do not feed the animals…

Year 4 have been writing poetry this week, focusing on poems by Irene Rawnsley, Richard Brown and Robert Hull. As a class, we have rewritten Robert Hull’s poem – Please do not feed the animals. Its the summer holidays and we’re at the zoo. ‘Please do not feed the animals…’ Please do not feed the […]

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