Electronic quiz boards

Year 5 & 6 applied their knowledge of circuits and symbols to create Mexican quiz boards which tested our geographical knowledge. Some of our questions included: Mexico has three climate zones, what are they? Name the two lines of latitude between which you find the tropics? What are the two main bodies of water that […]

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The second pillar of Islam

This afternoon, Years 5 and 6 continued their learning on Islam and welcomed Rohina to talk to them about prayer. They learnt about Wudu and how Muslims wash themselves before they pray. They then discussed how and when they pray before asking some very thoughtful questions. Thank you again to Rohina for coming in and […]

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Y1 make space buggies

In DT we used wheels and axles to make a moving model of a space buggy. We used a length of dowel and a drinking straw to make the axle. We added wheels and then attached the axle to the base of our space buggy. Once our model was able to move we customised it, […]

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Predicting changes of state in LKS2

Years 3 and 4 used their knowledge of the 3 states of matter to make predictions about what would happen to ‘green gems’ and ‘space droppings’ when we heated them and to ‘sleeping potion’ when we cooled it to sub-zero temperatures. This reinforced their learning about some materials changing state when heated or cooled and […]

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Buddhist artwork in Years 3 & 4

Continuing our work on Buddhism, we explored the 4 Noble Truths this week and the idea of Buddhists attaining a state of enlightenment. This is an abstract concept and can very difficult to grasp, but, as ever, the children did a wonderful job and came up with super questions and scenarios to demonstrate their new […]

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The BiG Half

As well as a group of teachers, there are a number of parents who are running the Big Half Marathon this year, raising money for the Friends of St Margaret’s Lee in the process. Look out for sponsor forms and remember that money raised will go towards making the school even better!

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Find the bug

In year 4, we have been learning what a ‘bug’ is in coding language and how to find them. We went outside and had relay races to complete a code to match a grid. It was really important that we checked the rest of our teams code for bugs as we went, to ensure our […]

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Potion bottles

Years 3 and 4 have been busy learning all about potions, from shrinking potion in Alice in Wonderland, to anaesthetic in hospitals. In Art, we practiced different techniques called slabbing and coiling to create hollow 3D sculptures, like potion bottles After some practice, we designed and made our own potion bottles from clay. When they […]

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