Community gardening

Thanks to all those who gave a bit of time and effort on Saturday. Quite a lot achieved – have a look at the planters by the fence in the playground, the nursery garden and see if you can spot the new bird houses (one handmade by Millie, Y4) and 🦇 house.

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Tournament results!

Badminton indoor final Moses & Paul 13: 9 Victor and Alina Badminton outdoor final Shakira and Marlene 14: 11 Nancy and Freddie Table tennis final Kelvin 23: 8 Mason Tennis Y5 B final Felix and Rufus 8: 7 Ian and Sibel Tennis Y5 A Tom & Maben 8: 7 Kyro and Emily Tennis Y4 final […]

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Net tournaments 🎾 🏸 🏓

Tomorrow many of the pupils in Y3-6 will be competing in ‘in-school’ tournaments, choosing from tennis, badminton and table tennis. All children have had tennis lessons this term and some attend tennis club after school. Quite a few have been taught badminton during enrichment sessions and table tennis is a bit hit with Y5&6 during […]

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What makes a good friend?

During RE in Year 1 we have been thinking about some big questions such as “What makes a good friend?” “Do we need to have friends?” “Is it always easy to be a good friend?” We sorted pictures, solved scenarios and discussed times when it is hard to be a good friend.

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