Courageous Wildlife Advocates

This week, I received a letter from a group of pupils in Year 5: Dear Mr Wilson. The new nursery extension is not animal friendly and we thought it should maybe be a bit safer, such as having real grass and less concrete. We feel as if hedgehogs and other nature reliant animals should get […]

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Foodbank Delivery

This morning School Council helped to deliver (and unload!) the bulk of our produce. They then had a tour of the foodbank and were told all about how it works. Thank you once again to everybody who donated- the Foodbank are thrilled to have so much stock which they hope will last until Easter. We […]

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Save our…

As part of their Geography learning about the local area, Year 1 and 2 were given the task of campaigning to stop the closure of either Lewisham Medical Centre, Manor House Gardens, The BP Garage, Dacre Park (the road) or St Margaret’s Lee Football Cage. In groups they came up with three reasons why their […]

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Sound Scientific Thinking in Year 3

We have continued our work on Sound by designing, carrying out and evaluating an investigation to explore the question, “Does a sound get fainter as you move further away? ” We used measuring skills with a metre tape and a datalogger to carry out our investigation before evaluating the results and discussing no how we […]

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