UKS2 Science

This week in Science, Years 5 and 6 have been testing materials’ hardness, toughness and response to magnets. They considered how to make their experiments fair tests and, after conducting their experiments, recorded their findings in a table.

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UKS2 History- Victorian Inventions

We have learned all about the Industrial Revolution, and how it impacted the everyday lives of everyday Victorians. The boom in industry lead to many exciting inventions revolutionising the lives of many. In History this week, we learned about these new inventions, and discussed how they would transform parts of people’s lives. In small groups, […]

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UKS2 William Morris Art

Recently, we have been studying William Morris- a Victorian Artist who is known for his repeating pattern style of art that was used in home decoration throughout the Victorian Era and beyond. Last week, we used Morris to inspire our own digital art, using mirror images and large floral motifs. This week, we used our […]

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Ma famille

Across KS2 this term, children are learning to describe their families in French. In the coming weeks, they are going to be using the knowledge gained to create Keynote presentations on their iPads, using the voice recording tool and photo / picture tools. We look forward to sharing soon! A reminder that children can practise […]

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This week in our relationships assemblies, children learned the importance of trust in a caring friendship. We read the story of Max and Bird, which illustrates this quite well.

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Good morning all, I hope this email finds you well, thank you all for taking the time to provide us feedback regarding our Christmas camp.   Based on the lovely response, we are pleased to say we will be running our camps for a few days during the Christmas break (dates below).   As I am sure […]